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 You are standing amongst a neat organized group of forty. All here for the same reason you are. You have been allowed into the testing process for Umbrellas new experimental U.S.S. unit. A secret group of special forces that were used to keep umbrellas experiments secret now becoming deadlier through the use of experimentation in the load out of each member in this new unit. They have been wanting a new squad to be able to deal with any situation and beyond to demonstrate umbrellas powers to the other companies and forces with knowledge of umbrellas real dealings.

 First, They have to thin the numbers by testing each candidate. This testing will be the hardest series of trials and most of the applicants will die, a few exceptional will be brought into another U.S.S. unit or U.B.C.S. leadership, while the best will be brought into the fold and have access to more superior tools not known to many.

All players that submit their characters will be limited in some ways but most everything will be available and any background is acceptable. Everything needs to be passed by a admin. This game will start with the testing series then will follow the squad as they follow missions and other experiments for umbrella and its enemies. There will be some crossing into the actual series and the changing of the series events. Everything will take place before Residetn evil one, though a lot of things will not fit with the actual year. It wont be a strict guideline. This game will go both online and in person. Later entries or short term players can be survivors or other characters that are placed fr story as long as an admin approves.