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Mar 10 15 1:59 AM

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Property of umbrella, Null was born alongside many others in an umbrella laboratory by donor parents. The children had been designed by the brilliant genetic scientists to choose the traits they wished for. Then the children were all divided in batches with different designations in mind. A majority sent to be injected with the Progenitor virus, Wesker trials, others to be tested for different departments, then 20 were sent into a training program where they were taught and trained in different facilities to ring up operatives to replace HUNK. Each had been designated a partner within the group to grow and learn with.

Once reaching a suitable age, these children were sent to different areas of the globe to partake in different wars, jobs, or criminal organizations to learn skills and experience, most being younger mercenaries. To gain experience without incriminating Umbrella. When reaching a certain age, some of the pairs are tasked with eliminating their partner.

When the order came to put together the special U.S.S. squad, it was only natural to use these soldiers.

When they reached the age for entrance into the Rockfort island academy, they all made it in and put into the testing for the experimental squad.

Highly skilled, prefers blades and his martial prowess. Null has an older brother already in the U.S.S. that he has been a life long rival to.


Str 4

Dex 4

Con 4

Int 2

Per 3

Will 3

Secondary attributes:

Life points: 51

Endurance: 38

speed: 16


improved senses: sight 2,hearing 2; diminished sense: taste-2; dedicated-2; situational awareness 2; adversary -3; attractiveness 2; contacts 2; fast reaction time 2; secret 3; hard to kill 3; humorless -2; nerves of steel 2; resistance 2; recurring nightmares -3


acrobatics 2

acting 1

cheating 1

climbing 2

guns: (handguns) 3

          (A. rifle) 2

          (sub) 1

           (rifle) 1

hand weapons: (knife) 4

                         (sword) 2

intimidation 1

martial arts 3

notive 2

questioning 2

running ( long) 2

              (short) 3

sleight of hand 1

stealth 2

throwing(knives) 1

tracking 1

traps 1

equipment: .45 handgun, 4 9 round mags, 2 large knives, katana, 6 throwing knives, class III chest armor, hooded half cloak, elbow/knee pads, radio, gas mask, black fatigues, flashlight, multitool.


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Mar 25 15 6:03 PM

Dexterity= 3

Secondary attributes: Life points: 30, Endurance: 29, speed: 12

 Backstory= ex-military sniper of the German army who was discharged for war crimes against innocence and his own superiors. With a savage obsession with hunting dangerous enemies and collecting trophies he was seen as a monster. After a small amount of time he threw several small countries into civil wars because of the violence he caused. He caught the attention a very shady organization and they faced each other face to face. Death-mark was searching a rumored drug that gives the user immortality but in turn causes severe internal pain. While searching the toxin he ran into a squad of unknown soldiers.  After a small heated engagement the two ceased fire and came to an agreement. The unknown soldiers said their employers would be interested in his specialty as an elite sniper. And promised access to improved gear and weapons. Death mark stated if they help him produce the toxin for his use he would kill anything they put a mark on. And so the hunter was enlisted into the UBCS as a mercenary. 
Weapons= because of the discharge his weapons are a SVD sniper rifle and an mp23 revolver.
Gear= he wears a rather interesting combination of camouflage cloaks and armor. His bottom half of his face is covered by a half-gasmask painted over with a demon skull.
Powers= none, the toxin in his body only gives him immortality. The rest of his skill only comes from training and years of fighting. Just a soldier with his strongest weakness and strength is, his obsession with hunting
Demolitions 4
First aid 3
Intimidation 3
Guns (Rifles) 4
Hand weapons (c96) 3
Language 2(German)
Mechanic 1
Surveillance 4
Tracking 3
Throwing 2
Instruction 1
Brawling 3
Craft (ammo) 2

Equipment: chameleon cloak, Class III chest armor, pads, dragonov sniper, 3 10 round mags(7.68), c96, 3 10 round mags(9mm), knife, half face gas mask, radio  

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