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Nov 4 14 2:38 PM

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Name: Jack Morray 

Gender: male

Age: 24

Height: 6’1

Weight: 184

Hair: Messy dark brown hair that is up.

Eyes: grey

Ethnicity: white

Birthplace: New York

Character Story:  Jack once had a regular childhood. Where he had a mother and father. Played well with others and got all his basic necessities. Until a trip into Asia when he was six, Where his parents were killed by a high Gang lord. The Lord was named Hi Chi Ho Yung and he brought Jack under his wing where he brought him into the life in the underworld and gave Jack the skills to be a successful killer. His parents were his only family, so when he lost him Hi Chi Ho Yung and the underworld life was all he had. Throughout the years and traveling around the world doing jobs for whoever paid him the highest he picked up the nickname of the “Reaper”. Most of Jacks jobs come from U.S. where he became in contact with the government doing many black op missions for the U.S. government doing things from political assassination, guarding, or anything else they paid him well enough to do.


Many high assassins, politicians, and even military know the name of Reaper as well as fear him. He is known for his skull smile mask. No one but the government knows Reapers real name anymore.

He wants to start his own mercenary team or company to show everybody there’s more to fear than any government or country and that they aren’t the powerful ones.

"It only takes one shot for any target, the rest are just for his friends." 

Jack was in Brownington during some time for his time of relaxation. He had heard of some of the stuff going on in town but he really didn’t care and ignored it. Then he got a hit on his phone for a Brutus Angel along with his picture. Lo and behold, Jack spotted the target leaving a grocery store. Jack was going back to his cabin that was out along the water and when he got there he started hearing screaming and other things from the city. He turned his car around to see what was going on when he caught sight of the creatures eating other people. He turned right back around to his cabin grinning to himself. He knew that in the chaos of the city it’d be a walk in the park to take him out without too much suspicion from anyone.

 There are still those that hunt the hunters and Jack isn't one who hasnt made enemies along the way...

Character Personality: keeps to himself and knows how to get what he wants out of a person whatever it is. If you do not give him what he needs to accomplish what he needs he’ll beat you or just kill you. He tries to stick to himself except to employers, but there are a select few others that he talks to such as any other people in his line of work. He does whatever will get him paid more. 

Character Appearance: Shady character, people get a feeling about him in which they don’t know why from his appearance they’d never guess he was some kind of killer or soldier for hire.

Other Physical Characteristics: has a scar going down his eye brow and down his cheek.

Character Clothing: jacket, black t-shirt, dark blue jeans

diazepam, back pack, knee and elbow pads,leg holster, Rhodesian recon vest(pouches for clips and a knife holster on shoulder, skull face mask( covers bottom face), Colt M1911A1 Custom Models, SOPMOD with scope, combat knife. Keys to cabin, keys to car, phone, extra clip for handgun, extra clip for rifle.

Primary attributes:

Str: 3

Dex: 4

Con: 3

Int: 3

Per: 4

Will: 3

Secondary attributes:

life points: 34

Endurance: 32

speed: 14


Situational awareness, recurring nightmares, Nerves of steel, fast reaction time, addiction(diazepam), contacts(underworld), acute hearing, acute sight, adversary(the terror)


language(chinese) 3

acrobatics 2

climbing 1

dodge 2

escapism 1

first aid 2

guns(handgun) 2

guns( assault rifle) 2

guns (rifle) 1

hand weapon( knife) 3

intimidation 2

lockpicking 1

martial arts 2

notice 2

questioning 1

investigation 1

running 3

survival 1

tracking 2

traps 2

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